Be Worthy of His Help

Dear Family,

Well not many things to say this week life is still going good as always. We ended up having our baptism last Tuesday and that was sweet. She was so happy and it really is always amazing to see how baptize and confirmation really change the countenance of a person. This week end we are going to baptize two people to finish out a perfect change of baptizing every week. We really have not done anything other than listen to the spirit of the lord. I really do know that Jesus Christ walks the streets here with us. And that we can call down angels. He is so willing to help us that we always just have to repent daily to be worthy of that help.

One of the people that we are going to baptize is hector Morales he seriously is the funniest guy ever. They go to church about more than 20 minutes on a bus to get there. We don't even have to go pick them up because they just go. We have some members that were going to pass by for them but then they got to excited and left early. They are going to get married on Saturday. Then he will be baptized on Sunday.

The other kid we will baptize is named Brandon Garcia. He is the last one in his family who has not been baptized. He is kind of a rebel. But finally has gotten his act together. Well I don't have a ton of time. Just know that I love you all. Have a great week.

Elder Wilkes

We also worked in field this last week. My area is so pretty.

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