Seeing the Miracles

Dear Family,

Well it is that time of the week again and it seems like everyone is doing well. Life is going well here too. It is super hot so I guess that means that both of us are here in the summer. I really can't believe that 1 year ago I was getting ready to leave on my mission the time has really gotten fast.

Anyways this last week was a great week to learn. We have been kind of stuck without anyone for a while but we did see a lot of miracles. This last Sunday was the first time that we had nobody to go to church. Absolutely nobody. Anyways we left the house early looking for people and still we did not have anyone. But I promised Elder Sorto that the Lord would give us a miracle if we did our part. Anyways we got to church empty handed. But then after a few minutes a lady and her son walked in. We had taught them about 2 weeks ago but had never found them again. Anyways I just know that we always do our best in every moment that we will see the miracles that God wants us to see.

Anyways we still have this young family we are teaching. Last week they went out of town and we could not talk to them and we were getting worried because we could not find them. Anyways yesterday we could not find them again. We had planned a family home evening with their neighbors, but they were not home. Anyways after that we started looking for them and ended up helping someone move a fridge and then we went back to the house and they had shown up. Once again my faith was strengthened that the Lord knows who he wants in his church and that he will help us do his work. Happy Birthday to Cecelia and Ward. Love you all.

Elder Wilkes

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