Leaving My Home of Amatitlan

Dear Family,

Anyways well its that time of week again family members. This last week has been pretty crazy here. I am now in the mountains. I am in the capital of tourism here in Guatemala. ANTIGUA. Anyway i have already seen gringos a few times and its really weird. They literally do not even know what they are doing here. There is also a ton of money here so that is a little weird. My new area is up in the mountains with a bunch of fields and cows and animals and wild things so i really like it. Its always freezing though. i am so cold here. I did finally leave my home of Amatitlan so that was a little sad. But life is always full of new things.

Anyways i am a zone leader now so that is interesting. I feel really unqualified, because i am so young in the mission. But god does have a plan for everyone. There are now different things to do but it is really fun.

This last week we did have a baptism though. His name was Gavino Garcia. My very first day we went to visit his here in this area. He had gone to church 9 times and they could not get him to get baptized. Anyways as a mission we have been working on being missionaries who testify and challenge and that's about it. Anyways we just listened to him and we taught him through the spirit and he was baptized on Saturday. It was an amazing experience and one of the best lessons of my mission.

My new companion is Elder Stewart he is from Orem. He has 20 months in the mission so it has been good to be with someone with more time than me for a while. He is awesome and we are going to baptize 3 people this Sunday. The family Mendez. They are amazing, but pray for them because they get scared that all of the family is going to reject them. But they have received answers and on Sunday the father said the prayer and broke down in tears. Pray for them. I love all of you here are a few pictures.

Elder Wilkes

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