Take Time Everyday to Feel the Spirit

Dear Family,

Well sounds like things are going well for everyone in the family as usual. Anyways I do have changes so tomorrow I will going to a new area. We do it differently in our mission so as of now I have no idea where I will be tomorrow. But I am very thankful to have served here in this area. I have really learned a lot training and being with my two companions. I have gotten to know Jesus Christ a little bit better here. We might have knocked all of the doors like more than five times but I know that I found the six people that God wanted me to find.

This last week were rejected a lot. So there was not to much excitement. But it is incredible how every single day the Lord put someone in our path to help us so that we could find more people or help someone feel the spirit. My companion and I worked out a lot of differences in these 12 weeks so that we could have the spirit between ourselves. We are very different people and come from very different situations but we are here for the same purpose. And that is Jesus Christ. One thing that I have learned in the mission is how Satan works through distractions. The Spirit really is killed by distractions. I can't believe how much I looked at my phone and things like that before my mission. We all really need to take time everyday to try and feel the spirit. We have to learn how he speaks to us.

Anyways I am praying for Grandma and all of you guys. I love you all.

Elder Wilkes

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