The Reason For Everything

Well things are going really well..this week Elder Whiting and I are going to baptize the Lopez family. It is a single mother and her 4 daughters...I think that they honestly are some of the most prepared people I have ever taught. Man this is all so crazy with Jamison leaving and everything...I am not ready to come home... just read an email and I may or may not have lost my scholarship from a huge mistake on my part...so man things are just kind of crazy..... but then I got on my email and I saw this email from a convert family...they were baptized 20 months ago. I want Jamison to read this...this is why we serve missions. The reason for everything... In midst of some much confusion of the world today, it is only the Gospel of Jesus Christ that can bring us peace. Let us never never forget that. I love you all...

Elder Wilkes...

P.S. The letter is broken English. I did not go to the sealing because i wasn't informed in time... but it is all worth it... Also we went on a sick hike yesterday.

"Hello Elder hope this good will write to you to know that we love you very much, thanks for having spoken of the Gospel, thanks to that we could be sealed in the temple as a family and is an unforgettable experience that live there; always know that you remember him as a great missionary, and to admire, knows will never forget you because you were baptized ... thanks for the pasiencia (patience) that we and all the love we asia reflection. I hope you do not forget us when and finalize its mission. I hope you understand this letter with love the family sotoj Guatemala. Amatitlan."

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