Use Your Blessings to Help Others

Dear Family,

Alright Everybody, well it has been another week. Sounds like Cecelia made it home safely so that's awesome. Anyways things are going well down here. This last Saturday we baptized a family of 3. My other companion and I found them about a month ago knocking doors. The guy, Marco Antonio finally stopped playing soccer on Sunday, so that was a blessing. And also he ended up having a serious sin so it was a miracle that they got baptized. They still have a long ways to go, but hey we all do. Really sometimes I think it's so crazy how fast the area presidency wants us to baptize people. But in the end baptism really is just the door to enter in on the straight and narrow path.

Wow I can't think of anything to say today. We had a huge stake meeting on Sunday. The stake put a goal for this stake to have 44 baptisms every month in the year of 2015. It was a lot about how we can work more efficiently with the members. Really members are key in missionary work. Because we as missionaries are only members of these wards for such short periods of time.

We didn't do anything for the new year. Just had a regular day. The whole country was pretty much drunk the day after so that was a little tough. Really it is amazing how the church can be so strong here. There is such temptation. Beer is cheaper to buy then water and anyone at any age can by it...and that's just where it begins.

One experience that we had this week was we had been teaching a family that is unbelievably poor. they don't have water, light, or anything. the dad just drinks and it honestly is so hard to watch. One night we went there and the wife was just bawling, but we were able to help her feel a little love and that made it better. It really is so humbling to think that I have ever complained about anything. It really just makes me want to throw up. But really the blessings that we have should be used to help others. Love all of you. Please have some good clean fun.

Elder Wilkes

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