Smile and Show Your Happiness

Dear Patojos,

Well I'm writing on Monday today. This morning we had interviews with President Markham and that was super good. He really is a powerful guy and really puts things in perspective. We are writing today because we are going to Antigua tomorrow for P-Day. Antigua is like the tourist place in Guatemala. Our cousin, Clark, was there a few months ago. He bought my zone leader an ice cream. Antigua is a good place, and there are a ton of gringos there so it's super weird. Also when we were waiting for interviews we watched Meet the Mormons. That was really a great piece of work.

Anyways things are going well here. We pretty much have just been contacting a lot. I really love knocking doors, because it seriously is so funny. We sing a lot of hymns to get in the door. My comp really sings his heart out and he is SO bad at singing so it just makes it all the better.

Yesterday we had two elders work with me and my companion. They are both going to finish their missions in two weeks. It was really so awesome. This guy I worked with (Elder Raudales) is crazy. But I had never felt the spirit so strong in my life. He has a love for the people that I never have seen in my life.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about happiness, and what it really is. Sometimes on a mission you seriously have no idea what you are doing and you just feel so dumb. Like honestly just walking around having no clue what to do. But really happiness is knowing that in times like this everything will be okay. happiness is knowing that everything will work its self out. Everyone just remember to smile all the time and show your happiness. Love you guys.

Elder Wilkes

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