Crazy Week in Boca del Monte

Well is has been another crazy week here in Boca del Monte (name of my area). This last week i will give you all a run down of the things that we did...

Monday- Did all of the preparation of the changes for a mission...i had to do all the computer work for my companion and I so i was preparing things on it from 8 in the morning to 6 at night..it was a very long day for me...later i went with 2 of the secretaries to have family home evening  and they made me teach it! 

Tuesday- DAY OF CHANGES. we woke up at 3:45 and went to the mtc of guatemala..like 15 minutes from our house and got the new missionaries. Later we spent the whole day doing capactiation with the news and things with missionaries who were leaving...at like 1 in the afternoon. President Markham and his wife and Elder Careers and I were leaving his house when a sister called us saying that her comapion had just passed out in the sreet and was not waking up...anyways we went and got her..and she was unconsious. later she woke up but we still had to take her to the emergency room here in the capital. so that was really interesting. in the end she was just dehydrated! 

Wednesdays-we woke up at 4 and took those who had finished to the airport. then we planned all da for a leadership meeting and then we worked in our area. 

Thursday- We had a leadership meeting and then went and worked in out area...

Friday- Was P-Day and i had to go with a secretary to the office in the morning to get a few things done...then we all tried to go bowling but it was to expensive...later we had to pick up a car that was getting fixed and it took forever so it was not really P-day.

Saturday and Sunday we just watched conference all day. Well I love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Wilkes

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