Working Hard at Retention

well first off this letter will not have captial letters. sorry to everyone but this keyboard doesnt have a shift button.  anyways it was great to see everyone this last sunday you guys all look great and it does look like elise is really pregnant. but you guys are all doing well. sounds like the wedding was a dream. not going to lie but the pictures of everyone on the jazz court really hit my heart but you know life does go on.

anyways everything is going really good. today we had a meeting with the stake presidency and then the mission president came to my district meeting so that was really exciting. pretty scary but it all worked out well. anyway things are looking good for this weekend. our baptisms fell through last week but that is because the family decided to get baptized together so that should be a great experience. we are going to have a wedding on saturday so i will send pictures of that next week. anyways i dont know what other quiestions you guys have that you didn't ask me on skype but when you guys do have questions just ask them.

one thing is the retention. yes the retention is not exactly what we want at times. but we are working very hard in that. here is this are it can be a little tricky when there are just little kids that have been baptized. without the help of their parents or anything. but this month we have the goal of 90 percent. we just need 5 more converts to come to church. the important thing is that we help them renew their covenants and don't focus on them just as members. the strength of the church will never be decided by numbers.

anyways on the way to the internet today we had a crazy experience as a district. as we were walking to get on a bus another bus pulled up and these two guys grabbed me and were fighting over me to get on their bus. they were going crazy to try and get the 6 of us to get on their bus and not the other. anyways then they grabbed a sister and i just started screaming at them. that they could not touch them because they were holy and then they stopped. so just be thankful today when you can calmly get in your car.

Baker we are teaching a part member family. they have a 9 year old son named gerson. he is reading his book of mormon everyday. he is understanding much but the important thing is he is reading. he is a stud. they also have a crazy grandma who is trying to teach them apostasy. when she prays she will only say the lords prayer so that is  always interesting. anyways i love you guys. have a great week.

elder wilkes

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