Find Happiness With Jesus Christ

Dear Family,

Well just before I forget I will be writing on Monday this next week. I think. Just so you know. Anyways this last week was honestly an incredible week. On Saturday we had a great small wedding service the only downfall was that everyone but us got there about an hour late. Then on Sunday we had 3 baptisms so that was amazing. The whole wedding the father (who recently went blind) was just bawling. It was a very humbling experience. Then after on Sunday the mother started bawling after the baptisms. She said I just know that God is happy with our family. I know that he is too. It is honestly unbelievable to watch people invite the Holy Ghost into their lives.

Anyways we are pretty much left without investigators after these last baptisms, but I know that we will find some more. We do have this one lady who is a single mother with a 9 year old girl, she has come to church and loved it. But then the other day in a lesson she said she had a dream about me so we kind of got scared and have not seen her since.

Anyways lately I have really begun to notice the difference between living with the spirit and feeling the spirit. Everyone has felt the spirit at some point in their lives through the light of Christ. But very few people live with the spirit. It is crazy to learn on the mission the little things that just drive the spirit from our lives. Yesterday seriously every single appointment we had had fallen through. My companion Elder Sorto just wanted to visit this old crazy guy. But I promised him that if we were  diligent the Lord would give us someone. Anyway at that moment the Lord prompted me to look for a family we had talked to on the street. Well we ended up finding them and had a really powerful lesson. They are 22 and 18 and have been living together for 4 years. As they told us that they haven't been happy in about 4 years. I loved promising them that they can find happiness with Jesus Christ. I know that as all of us grow to know Jesus Christ that we can always live happily. There isn't a better blessing then that.

P.S. It is raining hard now everyday so that is a huge blessing.

Love you all,
Elder Wilkes

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